Our competencies

The combination of our competencies enables us to deal with
all digital projects submitted to us.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy is at the heart of our mission and represents all our projects. 

To do this, we have developed a unique approach combining user knowledge, brand message, competitive vision, and also consumer experience.

Our objective is to propose a relevant approach for the brand including and especially for consumers. 

For us, strategy is not an overused term but provides clear and coherent direction to all digital approaches to a brand.

This enables us to put forward a relevant approach for each project assigned to us and to define a clear role for digital aspects of their communications.

Design & ergonomy

All digital projects nowadays need a prior stage of analysis in order to anticipate the use that consumers will employ for our various digital solutions .

In order to propose a relevant user experience, we lay great store by creating a mockup and ergo layout specific to each of the projects concerned.

We are of course fully aware of the latest trends in terms of design and ergonomics to ensure optimum relevance to the digital solutions that we put in place.

Lastly, we try to put forward specific ergonomics for the various devices present on the market, be the desktop, tablet or mobile device guaranteeing an ideal return.


Our vision of development is high tech as we are surrounded by the best specialists in the field.

We are not linked to any specific type of development but have a preference for open source languages.

We guarantee the consistency and relevance of a project developed on several platforms. Our role is to coordinate the various project actors to deliver a proven technical solution.

We have realised several large-scale technical projects and are now capable of ensuring excellent reliability for solutions delivered to all our customers concerning security, management, data portability and access.

As digital is the basis of the business model of our customers, we intend to put forward a professional approach on all points to fully respond to their expectations.

We are clearly positioned as a partner who guarantees the reliability of the technical solutions provided .


Mobile devices are at the heart of all activities, something which we had anticipated for some time.

We have been proposing mobile solutions for some time now by keeping abreast of market developments.

Today, we have a clear view of the role of mobile devices in digital communication and also in the link which unites consumers to their mobile devices.

Whether B2B or B2C, every mobile project is unique but must fulfil a clear need in the digital life of users. 

More complex to activate, the mobile user is different from the internet user and pays less attention to connected content.  

How to best activate? By proposing a relevant and interesting mobile experience.


Social networks are everywhere in the digital life of web users today. Why? How to best integrate them within digital communication. nbsp;

It is this that we try to respond to everyday to help our customers understand this complex ecosystem which is continually evolving. .

Whether it concerns entering into contact with existing customers, finding new ones or creating a more digital image, social networks offer a very extensive range of possibilities.

However, they are not exempt from the rules that govern other digital tools. This is why our objective will be to define what role social networks will play in the business objectives of a company whichever form this may take (Commitment, conversation, recruitment, top of mind, etc.)


These digital media solutions are constantly being developed and require deep understanding of their functions.

It seems to be unthinkable to launch a digital project without pertaining to the use of digital media, be they Paid, Owned or Earned.

We have developed a privileged relationship with the administrations and media agencies in order to assist our customers with regard to better integration of digital media.

Our missions are very diversified but always with the same objective in mind, to understand, analyse and define best practice to then be capable of innovating./p>

Business objectives are the basis of our media approach. This means that we must also be capable of contextualising our approach based on the KPIs defined.

Digital solutions

Digital solutions enable us to respond to many problems. Some are more complex than others and need the creation of new tools and platforms.

Digital is still  at the cusp  of its development and is being constructed on a daily basis. In order to do this, we have positioned ourselves as architects of this construction.

Fortunately, many things still have to be invented online which enables us to propose unique and made-to-measure solutions on a regular basis.

Whether this is a specific e-commerce solution, an innovative CRM approach or even a unique collaborative platform, we come up with tomorrow's solutions.